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. >> reporter: and from all indications, nothing significant changed. >> yeah. >> reporter: frustrated? >> i'm sure they are. >> reporter: so that report, was it a waste of taxpayer money? >> had it come to conclusion, it would have been money well spent. the fact that it was not followed up on by the national guard bureau in the first year, that's problematic. >> reporter: but it's important to note the report criticized the california guard's failure to meet national guard standards in handling complaints. during the hearing at the capital, the national guard bureau said it provided additional training and the california guard is now in compliance. >> of the big messages we continue to reform the california national guard and military department. the governor appointed me to make change and we have made substantial change. >> reporter: general baldwin made it clear before the senate committee and our camera, he remains committed to cleaning up the culture of the california guard. we're also committed to keeping you informed on that progress. >> thank you very much, tony. if you have a tip
to give out. >> a mother's out rage lash out at what they say is a potentially dangerous change to airline security. al gore slapped with a lawsuit. the connection to the bay area, we're back in a moment. >>> a painful wound reopened. 11 years after terrorists killed their loved ones, the families of 9/11 feel victimized again. this time, it's the very government protecting them that's on the slide. the tsa. it will soon allow passengers to carry small knives on flight. >> reporter: jessica, this is a pocket knife i carry with me just about every day. under the tsa's new policy, in pocket knife would be allow onto planes. earlier today, i spoke with alice hoglin. she's the mother of the victim of 9/11 and her reaction to the new tsa policy is quite visceral. >> this unwise move by the tsa is a slap in the face to the fellas who stood and faulgt. >> the move alice is talking about is the new policy that allows holding knives with blades that are less than 2.3 inches long and half an inch wide. >> they were able to charge up the aisle and take back control of their lives. if they would have
and more transparent opd. the oakland police department is stepping up tonight and vowing for key changes to invest in the city's trust. jordan also wants the public to know that his cops are on the job and dedicated to doing the right thing. nbc bay area cheryl herd is live in oakland where transparency is the word of the evening. >> it is, indeed. keith jordan is telling me tonight that it's time to set the record straight. he says there's been so much negativity about his department in the press that he says it's time to speak out. >> the public has a right to know. >> some members of the public often criticizes oakland's police department from withholding the truth. his department is opened and transparent. >> you know, when we do something wrong, i'll be the first person to stand before you and admit that we do something wrong. >> case in point, ronald raw. his case in point murder conviction recently overturned after seven years. jordan admits mistakes were made in his department. >> jordan says he's not prepared to apologize to chow band. >> suddenly, you know, i was put all over t
was his life. he saw his songs as a way to change the world. his uncle knew his nephew had musical talent beyond his age. >> he went straight for your soul. >> the music stops on tuesday on these train tracks. donye was on his way home wearing headphones and listening to music when a passenger train clipped him, killing him. >> the conductor, please, please, whoever was driving that train, i want you to know i do not blame you and i'm so sorry you have to live with the thought of hitting my son. i know it wasn't your fault. >> donye's friends, classmates even his teachers came out to pay respects. >> he was just always giving and always willing to help and always pasht. when everything seemed a little crazy, donye always had a balance to him. >> his family and friends believed donye was on the brink of stardom. his passion and life expressed in his music. but the pain, the loss, are still very fresh. >> i just miss him. >> now, donye believed in socially conscious lyrics in a video he said quote music can change the world. all you need is the right song. we're live in san jose tonight, ge
. patrick's cathedral went up in smoke. and that's when his life changed forever. >> i remember a lot of smoke. a lot of heat. i went outside and felt more than just exhausted. i felt extreme nausea. >> reporter: he says he thought he could walk it off. >> i remember saying i was going to get up into the truck to lay down and i don't remember anything else after that. >> reporter: frank rooyan, a 17-year firefighter and 20 year paramedic had a heart attack. his colleagues quickly went from fighting a church fire save ryan's life. >> from what i understand, my heart stopped three or four times. >> some of the reports were that he had died and dicht things. this is -- no. no way. >> battalion chief robert sapien was the one in charge that day. >> reporter: ryan put on his jacket for the first time since his heart attack. some of the dust from that day still on it. >> not all family members get along, but when things like this happen, i think everybody comes together. >> it is amazing. for me, it's an incident that hasn't ended and i think on monday, we can all say that the incident is f
. details on the major changes coming up. >>> the nation officially in sequester. president obama had to order $85 pl in across-the-board cuts. republicans say these automatic cuts will not hurt the economy emphasizing that $85 billion is only 2% of government spending. president obama said sequester will be painful. some schools will have to close early. another round of cuts could come later this month. >>> it looked like something right out of a horror movie just outside of tampa, florida. the earth opened up and swallowed a house. >> the bedroom floor just collapsed and my brother-in-law is in there underneath the house. >> it's a chilling 911 call from the outside. hard to see the impact but the sinkhole opened up under the home belonging to 37-year-old jeff bush. his brother heard a scream and tried to help before being rescued himself. >> i heard my brother screaming and i ran in there and all i could see was this big hole and all i could see was his bed. >> authorities can't even search for the gentleman because the area is unstable and the massive crater is already 30 feet wi
-sex marriage. the decision, not expected for months, could change the rules across the country. nbc bay area's gene elliot live. >> reporter: terry, supporters of same-sex marriage took over market street tonight and marched here to san francisco's city hall making a lot of noise along the way, letting members of the u.s. supreme court know their future is in the court's hands. hundreds of marriage equality supporters rally in city hall in san francisco. urging supreme courts to rule in favor of prop 8. >>> a march covered two city blocks. >> we got married 2004, got it validated, we were lucky enough to get married again in 2008. >> reporter: together for 21 years, mark and scott say they are marching to remind the supreme court justices they should be treated equally in the law. >> if i'm in the hospital and i got the wrong nurse, they won't let him in. so this has to pass to give us the kind of rights we deserve. >> while hundreds of families rally, many couples have traveled to washington, d.c. to be on the supreme court steps while their future is debated. >> this feels like our date wi
20 years ago. >> we need change, we need something to happen in this case so it's in the hands of the d.a. to make that happen now. >> reporter: today, volunteers as they still do every saturday set out on another search at a nearby reservoir. but still no sign of sierra. >> some nights are sleep good, some nights i won't sleep hardly at all. >> reporter: do you see her in your dreams? >> yeah. i've had many of those, yeah. wake up crying. >> reporter: the emotional day ended with a fund-raiser in fremont where sierra was born and raised. the girl who's come to be known as everyone's daughter, bringing a community together, and that's keeping her parents as hopeful as ever. >> i want to find her. sierra, back with us. just get back to a normal life. >> when i see her, i'm going to hold her in my arms and just never let go. >> reporter: the money raised today will help keep the saturday searches going for sierra. diane? >> thanks, marla. >>> the man accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar has not entered a plea. investigators say they found antolin garcia torres' dna on
the children. that is a mother or a father. >> polls show that attitudes have changed dramatically in recent times. that the majority of americans now favoring gay marriage. the archbishop says he doesn't want to be defined by what he is against and he labels himself as someone who wants to preserve the traditional definition of marriage. he says no matter what happens on tuesday with the supreme court, he would like there to be a civil debate. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >>> new details tonight. two of the marines involved in a double murder-suicide at the quantico training base in virginia are from the bay area. the gunman, 25-year-old sergeant lopez is from pacifica. a highly decorated marine, he served in iraq and afghanistan before becoming a trainer at quantico. his female victim, 19-year-old lance corporal sarah cast rowmatta. she was promoted to lance corporal last month. lopez also killed another person from mississippi. and nbc have learned the three were involved in a love triangle. all three worked at the officer candidates school. >>> tragedy in fairfield as an oakland
the new bridge is safe and not changing its opening day debut set for the day after labor day. >>> some 500,000 drivers use the grij daily. >>> well, just in tonight, video from taiwan. look at it closely. a powerful earthquake hit there about four hours ago. the u.s.g.s. measures it at a 6.0 magnitude. so far, no reports of any damage or injuryings, but, of course, that could change. earthquakes are common in this area. taiwan lays right near the junction of two tectonic plates. >>> tonight, police say they're looking for a woman who matches this sketch. they say she stole a jeep monday morning with the baby right in the backseat. officers found the girl and the abandoned jeep hours after issuing an amber alert. if you live in the south bay, chances are you learn the details from a robo call or a text message. tonight, new details on how that emergency system worked on its trial run. monte francis joins us live. not everyone received that alert they were supposed to? >> reporter: jessica, that's right. county officials said they atechted to call every phone number in the county and tha
is going to change that. >> some feel pope francis will help bring back people to the catholic church. >> come back to the church to find out that we have somebody who we can actually have something in common with by either language, their culture. even if he is from south america, doesn't matter, the fact that he's latin. >> and some are hoping they will be able to connect with pope francis in person. maybe a visit to the bay area, one day soon. the last pope to visit the bay area, was pope john paul, ii back in 1987. live in san jose tonight, george kiriyama, bay area news. >> 1987 was quite the sight to see in the streets of san francisco. the coverage of the new pope continues on line. we've created a special section on our website that includes photos, people around the world celebrating this historic day. can you find it at >>> why does it take so long to report and how could it have happened. angry parents met with administrators at a preschool. a staff member was arrested for allegedly trying to drug toddlers. the meeting just ended. >> reporter: the meeting la
, swerving in a lane, making erratic lane changes. anything that doesn't look normal. >> reporter: an expired registration gives them the chance to check for signs of dui. >> may i have your license, your registration and insurance please? >> yeah. shirks doing about 77. so max speed on this way was 65 miles per hour. >> reporter: a speeding car leads to another stop and another sobriety test. >> look at my finger. great. >> reporter: minutes later that. >> responded to reports of a motorcycle that crashed on a freeway on-ramp. after temperatures the bushes and trees, the rider is nowhere to be found. down the way, someone has driven their $90,000 tesla model f off a freeway on-ramp and into an embankment and taken out a metering light in the process. >> he is a little unsteady on his feet. i also noticed that he had looked like a fresh piece of gum in his mouth. a lot of people think that's going to take away from the odor that i'm smelling. >> reporter: but despite those clues, the driver passes the sobriety test. tonight some people out celebrating st. patrick's day tell us drinking is jus
, but our forecast is now changing dramatically. rob? >> right now, it's very interesting. it shows the video there in san jose. it was san jose and sunnyvale that picked up about a third of an inch of rain. look at san francisco and oakland. this is mainly a south bay and santa cruz rain event. notice the areas of yellow and orange still from officially areas down toward san jose and down toward the southwest. all of these locations picking up about a third of an inch of rain. livermore seeing some snow. it's pretty interesting about this moisture. it's going east to west. if you're going to travel to los angeles tomorrow, that might get shut down. so for the bay area, hour by hour, we'll see widespread moderate rain transitioning to some skaterred showers. i still think areas around san jose and river more may see a few showers earlier in the rain. things are clearing out and warming up big time for the weekend. >> it was an emotional good-bye today for those two fae fallen police officers. >> it was a powerful day filled with tears, a little laughter and respect. we were reminded
pending an investigation. >>> and big changes, a demand for more transparency at the silicon valley restaurants, major flaws have been exposed. >> reporter: right now, silicon valley restaurants are not graded or scored and they don't have to publicly post their inspection reports. last month, we uncovered how the system and restaurants are failing to provide diners with clear information. today, the board agreed. calling for major change. >> is there any sort of shorthand way for people to make an assessment of the relative cleanliness and healthiness of a particular location? >> reporter: the answer is no, which is why the department of environmental health sat before the board of supervisors today, to set ways to correct the system. >> the hope is that if we do this right we'll end up with restaurants and other food service establishments that are safer places for members of the public to go. >> reporter: it comes after our investigation last month exposed problems with the system. like the county's website. the inspection information lacked detail and context. making it virtuall
back to at&t park, there were just a few little changes. one thing that really has changed, though, ticket prices. outside the ballpark tonight, fans told us it's disappointing to pay more, but they realize it's the price to expect. >> when you're a real fan, you're a fan. you'll do what you have to do to watch the team play. >> well, yeah, definitely, man. it's the giants. i would pay double that amount to go see them play a game. >> the giants and the as square off tomorrow. you can catch all the action on the nbc bay area at 7:15. >> stars conserving now. that's a message tonight. the result of today's measurements showing the water content is well below normal. it provides about one-third of california's drinking water. the city's water supply is at 58% since october. the city council is expected to vote on whether to impose the recommended water restrictions next month. >>> it is unprecedented. hundreds of seals and sea lions walking up sick. >> there's a chance that some of these seals won't make it. >> coming up, what's behind this mammal mystery and the unusual way that res
, though have, bigger changes in the seven-day forecast, which will toss some spring showers our way. we'll show you when we come right back. >>> more incidents and more airlines getting fined. >> there is no resolution. >> the loophole that allows airlines to underreport missing pets. the investigative unit monday at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. >>> a new tribute unveiled today for the victims of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the dedication took place at the bethany presbyterian church right after palm sunday services. community members painted the mural depicting the phoenix rising from the ashes, healing waters, and a rainbow of hope. eight people were killed, including three members of the bethany presbyterian congregation and dozens were injured in the 2010 blast that destroyed an entire neighborhood. survivors have continued to press for pipeline safety reforms. >>> hundreds of people gathered at a church in santa rosa today to remember a teenaged boy who was hit and killed in a freak accident at a racetrack last weekend. his mom spoke about her sports-loving 14-year-old
years ago is still changing lives in the bay area today. doctors and staff at kaiser san francisco volunteered their time and skills today to provide same-day surgical procedures for 30 people. among the surgeries performedw cataract removal, hernia repairs, an colonoscopys. "operation access" started this program back in 1993. >> here we are 20 years later, 10,000 patients, 1200 volunteers, about $80 million of donated services. it's a remarkable accomplishment that wouldn't have been possible without the entire health care system pitching in. >> a former operation access patient said he's alive day because of the treatment he received through the program. a cancerous tumor he had was found and removed before it spread. >>> it's safe to go bathroom into the water at rockaway beach in pacifica. that beach was shut down yesterday when a sewer pipe broke. work crews say 6,000 gallons of waste spilled and 1800 gallons made it into the ocean. >>> next at 11:00, a horrific scene, a man swallowed by a sinkhole in his bedroom. tine while crews are not looking for the building. >>> get bac
has been felt by nch. >> in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> next at 11:00, a change in the forecast and a change you need to make tonight. >> plus, a sign that the finish line is near on the new span of the bay bridge. also, as a parent, i'm not going to let go of the hope that she is still alive. >> their daughter disappeared nearly year ago, tonight, how her parents are coping and why they say they are frustrated. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey swee
is substantiated. the school needs to make changes, including notifying all parents of the incident and having a staff meeting to discuss discipline of the incident. >> fully retrain the staff during the school closure. >> nbc bay area got ahold of a letter sent home to the parents, talked about the turmoil at the school recently. and the recent case of course. there's going to be more tomorrow night when the parents have their meeting. we're going to be hearing from police tomorrow at some point. this school has been cited four times before by the state, twice leaving out cleaning materials where the kids could have gotten two of them and twice for improper child supervision. >> teenagers in mountain view are learning about journalism and freedom of the press tonight. their plans for a cover story on sex and the school paper got their parents attention. a pleating just wrapped up tonight. george? >> tonight was about community standards and the right to express ideas and opinions. this right here is the current issue of the oracle. the high school newspaper here at mountain view high, inside
. tonight, the bay area couple behind this game-changing advice. >> and had that baby right on the side of the street. a local school principal turns hero. how he brought down a suspected thief. stay with us. >>> he's the big man on campus. some bay area high school students are calling their principal a hero tonight. much to their amazement, the high school principal chased the suspected thief through the campus and peeled him down off of a fence. >> reporter: well, rog, the dean of students was doing some detective work, trying to figure out who was stealing ipads here on campus. and he zeroed in on a 27-year-old man who didn't belong here. and the school's principal made sure he didn't get away. >> super hero is the theme of the dance at st.ignacius. >> i guess it came into use here. >> rough is the hero of the day. >> he was getting a little fidgety and then i think he saw this one hallway and he took off down that hallway. >> rough took off after 27-year-old gabriel luiz vega because staff thought he was stealing ipads. the dean of students say at least 15 vanished since the beginn
son and withholding water. >> of course they're going to change their story. >> reporter: san francisco attorney christopher dolan is reacting tonight to the d.a.'s decision to drop charges. >> once again, the system has failed this child. it failed to protect this child when this was happening. it's failed now to give this child justice through the criminal courts. >> reporter: bogdis' attorney disagrees. >> we never believed the initial stories, that the aides would sit there and watch abuse that they had initially described and not report it to anybody. >> i hope that this decision by the district attorney will help to give people confidence that there are safety measures in place to protect people, students, anybody from abuse. those systems work, especially when they're followed. >> reporter: his client is hoping the system continues to see she did not abuse children. >> i'm sorry that we all had to go through this. >> reporter: those charges may have been dropped, but a civil suit is on the horizon. we're also told that four teachers' aides are now fighting to get their
to change the world. >> reporter: in many ways, his art has changed his reality. a man with autism who doctors said had little chance to ever make a living. >> how much would this sell for? >> this would probably be about a $4,000 painting. >> reporter: wow. artists here are offered half the sale price. the rest go back to the brushes, fabric and paint they use. but many like dan and kara miller choose to have all proceeds go to creative growth. >> this is a god send. this place is i think very important to him and his happiness. and i'm just so happy that he's here. >> i think about what would it be like for him if he didn't come to creative growth? he would probably be somewhere watching tv or sitting in a room by himself and what a lost life that would be and what a missed opportunity. >> reporter: not just for dan miller, but for all of us. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, oakland. >> remarkable talent. >> really beautiful to see that. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri to talk about our forecast that might be changing. >> definitely. painting a little bit of a wetter
a hotel where they will offer you services, housekeeping, change your bed but you can't even get care in an independent living. >> the victim was eventually rushed to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. her daughter says she is satisfied with her care but tonight many people are wondering if enough was done. management at the glenwood gardens issued this statement saying, quote, our practice is to immediately call emergency medical personnel for assistance and to wait with the individual needing attention until such personnel arrives. that is the protocol we followed. >>> the california republican parties has a new leader tonight. former state lawmaker jim was elected party chairman by more than 1,000 delegates at the state party's spring convention in sacramento this weekend. he has promised to focus on fund-raising and revamping the party's voter outreach and candidate recruitment. much of the attention today was centered on the vote for the party's number two job. delegates elected dillon of san francisco as vice chairman. the first woman and first seek to serve in that post.
's going to be tough because you're talking 20 to 40 minutes after sunset. now thanks to time changes, it's faint looking in the sky. it's not like this is happening in the middle of the night where your eyes can adjust to the darkness. it's going to be in a somewhat illuminated sky from the 1th to the 24th. coming up towards tuesday evening, to see that very faint comet pan-starrs off to the west around tuesday. let's hope the skies stay clear for that. lows, 30s and 40s. patchy low clouds for the tomorrow morning. sun rise time now, 7:26 in the morning thanks to the time change and during the afternoon tomorrow. should see 70s inland around san jose. 71 degrees there. 75 for pleasanton. staying somewhat cool for san francisco. 72 in santa rosa. for the first half of the week, temperatures ratcheting up there as we get so wednesday and thursday. we should see the warmest days of the week. probably wednesday around thursday. head towards the weekend, a little bit of an adjustment now for the weekend forecast. latest computer runs for tonight show that sunday is rt staying to look dryer. i
't see a threat. >> your story hasn't changed the. >> reporter: no, no. he said this is part of a cover-up. he said he has reported officers drinking while on duty and stealing from merchants in east oakland. he claims each time he's raised concerns about officer conduct, he has faced retaliation. >> do you consider yourself a whistle blower? >> yes. >> reporter: how have you been repaid for that? >> with hell. >> reporter: sergeant bellusa is currently on paid administrative leave. they said the district and sergeant bat are refraining from comment until they see the claim. bellusa's attorney plans to file the lawsuit tomorrow. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. if you have a tip for her or anyone in the investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. >>> happening now, a wildfire is racing toward hillside home in riverside county. you're looking at a live picture. flame forcing evacuations. gusty winds are fueling this fire which started late this afternoon. it is burning in the rancho jurupa park. about 200 firefighters are battling this brush fire. it has burn
are expecting conditions to change dramatically. not a drop on the doppler and they scan around. this is better news for the morning commute, but the storm system is lining up about 400 miles offshore and not going to be the rain, but the wind associated with it. for tomorrow morning, expect it to increase anywhere in the late afternoon and early evening hours, that's when the rain will be intensifying. from the north bay and pushing off to the south. we will have more on the rain timeline and look at the wind. about 10 to 15 miles per hour. by the evening hours, we will see winds that gusts as high as 40 miles per hour that will likely cause airport delays. we have more on that and the seven-day forecast. >> lots of rain and water that left homes uninhabitable. a water main broke last week. the 16-inch pipe ruptured on 2:30 near the intersection of 15th and wawona. dozens of homes and cars were damaged. by the city on saturday, the rupture caused a sinkhole to open up. that has been repaired. >> what's the right thing to do. the story making national headlines. the growing concern over the pol
's nice for a change to be able to put a smile on someone's face when they see us coming through the door. >> sergeant brian schaub then led his team to the bone marrow registry area where they swab their cheeks. they too want to be donors one day, and perhaps save another life. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> the national bone marrow registry is always in need of more donors. the membership continues to lag behind all other registries. the drive is on friday. it's very simple, the officers did that cheek swab. that's all you would do. it's painless, it doesn't take very long. you should try it out. the marrow drive is happening on friday. it's at river glenn and it starts at 2:30. >>> jeff was telling me, if you want rain, he's got rain for you. right now? >> yeah, definitely. a little bit developing off shore, areas of drizzle here, widespread foog here up from the north bay to the south bay this afternoon, that's still in place. as the doppler radar scans around, we're finding a small batch of showers offshore that will hold up near santa cruz and may also hold up for san jose o
finger amputated. but then got a second opinion. that changed his life. he severed his finger in a freak accident last july. a doctor at the er told him they'd have to amputate. instead, he quickly went to the bunky clinic in san francisco where surgeons there reattached his fipger using a skin graft from his wrist. >> pretty amazing. six months later, he can feel his finger. he can type on his laptop and even play the piano. >> the san francisco city attorney is joining the call to regulate caffeine levels. a group of 18 doctors from around the country say energy drinks especially for younger drinkers. they say energy drinks should have no more caffeine than soda and that the caffeine content should be listed on all labels. >> there was singing and dancing in the rain tonight. a big party at at&t park for the baseball champions. but we're not talking about the giants. >> no, the dominican republic wins the world baseball classic. >> hey, thank you so much. an emotional 3-0 win in the final over puerto rico. and the dominican republic becomes the only team ever in the third baseball clas
to 2 and a half, the pope made the changes so that masses would not go quite as long as in the past. but he may stay with one easter tradition, to deliver easter mentals in different languages from the balcony. >>> there's rising tension between north korea and south korea. north korea has been threatening attack the south and u.s. military bases since early march when the u.s. and south korean militaries conducted routine drills. the obama said they are taking the threat seriously. seoul brushed it off saying it was tough talk. >>> veterans in san jose have their own memorial. ♪ volunteers unveiled the memor l memorial, it reassembles the memorial in washington, d.c., it honors the 142 men from san jose are were killed in the war and one who is still missing in action family and friends and men that served with them were attending. >> now you can touch them and see them and remember them. >> volunteers need to raise $80,000 for maintenance costs there. >>> two people are recovering tonight after their car plunged into a waterway in vallejo today, it happened at 8:00 this morning
advertising league said the cupertino based tech giant almost considered naming the industry changing smartphone a tri-pod, an ipad, or a moby, short for a mobile. in another apple related news, word that the 5s will be released this august. the next generation ipad as early as next month. >>> the duchess of came brink may have let slip the sex of her unborn baby while greeting well wishers today. a woman handed her a teddy bear to which she applied, thank you, i'll take that for my -- and then stopped herself. it sounded like she was going to say daughter. britain has a longstanding tradition not to announce the sex of the baby until after the birth. prince william and kate are expecting their first child this july. >>> a dramatic ending for the sharks tonight. dave feldman joins us next. >>> good evening. i'm dave feldman. 7-0 in january, 2-10 in february. 2-0 in march. the roller coaster ride that is the sharks season continued tonight in british columbia. final shoot-out. logan couture needs to score to extend the time. we go to extra shooters. alex burrows. a chance to win for jo
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